is not just a tool for communication but a medium that allows your team culture to thrive and develop better relationships

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Re-imagine Interconnectedness

imagine qiscus as a huge virtual space with interconnected rooms. You can drop in any room to have discussions while keep being updated by other rooms. When an important issue is arisen, you are able to make sure the message is received by your team.


Re-imagine Your Desk

imagine qiscus is a versatile tool on your desk, like pen and paper. You can get work done, manage daily tasks, plan upcoming activities, pour out ideas and best part is, you will do it as easy as a conversation. It will change your ordinary desk forever.


Re-imagine Space and Time

imagine qiscus bending your space and time perception. You can stay productive from anywhere you want through desktop and mobile. Thousands of miles difference will be as close as next to your ears. And all your important messages will be sent in the blink of an eye.


Re-imagine Your Brain

imagine qiscus helping you to recall the color of a particular logo which discussion happened two months ago. With "topic" feature, qiscus mimic your brain with word association and contextual structure to help you find what you need. Otherwise the search bar is there to help you too.


Re-imagine Visual Interaction

imagine qiscus changing the way you think you should interact with digital product. For the sake of simplicity, qiscus layout is clean, conducive and optimized. It hides distractions, highlights urgent matters and ultimately lets you do what you should do naturally with zero learning curve.

People Who Love Us

"Qiscus allows me to manage my team effortlessly while on-the-go. I sleep really well knowing that team members are a couple keystroke away. Use it and you might delete your email client altogether." - Nityanand Rai, CEO of TWOFOLD

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